Charlene Cushenan

Specializing in residential resale, Charlene brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of Hamilton's unique neighborhoods and communities. Her personal and professional life is deeply rooted in Dundas, where she resides, offering her an intimate perspective of this charming area.

What sets Charlene apart is her commitment to relationship-building and her community-focused approach. She excels in assisting new homebuyers, guiding them with patience and passion through one of life's most significant decisions. Her dedication to creating lasting relationships reflects her belief that real estate is not just about transactions, but about fostering community and creating homes.

Charlene's passion for Hamilton is palpable, often participating in local charity events and immersing herself in the cultural fabric of the city. Her personal interests, including a love for decorating, animals, travel, and supporting local businesses, further integrate her into the fabric of Hamilton's vibrant community. An active member of Spinco Hamilton, she also follows the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football, showcasing her diverse interests and deep connection with the local community.

Charlene Cushenan is more than a Realtor; she is a community advocate. As a trusted advisor for homebuyers and sellers, she is a proud representative of Hamilton's dynamic real estate landscape.